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Investissements étrangers et ressources naturelles: développements récents

This content is not available in the selected language. Quelques développements récents en matière de protection des investissements étrangers ont des répercussions importantes dans le domaine des ressources naturelles : Exxon Mobil Corp et Murphy Oil Ltd ont obtenu en février dernier que le Canada soit condamné à leur verser 17,3$M parce que Terre-Neuve-et-Labrador aurait tenté […] Read more


Tensions and Synergies between Integrated Water Resources Management and the Human Rights-Based Approach to Development

A variety of paradigms shape water resources management, reflecting the evolution of government policies and transient societal values.  Most prominent among those paradigms, Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) and the Human Rights-Based Approach to development in the water sector (HRBA) overlap significantly and their interactions may have significant repercussions. This article explores the interactions between IWRM and the HRBA to development in […] Read more


Book review : Knut Bourquain “Freshwater Access from a human Perspective : A Challenge to International Water and Human Right Law”

Knut Bourquain’s book, Freshwater Access from a Human Rights Perspective, offers a timely contribution through its efforts to clarify important aspects of the central issue in current water management practice: how can equity be attained? Bourquain’s core tenet is that the human rights-based approach ensures that all water management systems guarantee the basic human need for […] Read more


Le droit de l’eau potable au Québec

This article presents an overview of the legislative history of drinking water in Quebec, stressing the key legal concepts defining drinking water and its uses. It then describes the legal regimes that provide a framework for drinking water, namely the rules applying to the procuring of water, its distribution equipment and water purification. Lastly, it reviews provisions dealing […] Read more